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9 world’s Largest Cricket Stadiums

Source: Tom Shaw/Getty Images
  1. Lord’s (England)

Let’s begin with the house of Cricket, Lord’s, and this painting ground that was in-built 1814. Named after its founder, Thomas Lord, the Lord’s cricket ground is home to the Marylebone Cricket Club, and additionally the county team Middlesex of London. The roominess of this painting construction is 30,000. It’s set in St John’s Wood, London and is still understood for its design.

  1. HPCA (India)

Situated at 4780 feet on top of the ocean level, the house construction for Kings XI Punjab is, this cricket ground is simply a decade previous. However, what it doesn’t have in years, it makes up with its picturesque setting. perked up on the highest of Kangra natural depression, the supporters relish the cool salubrious air and a surprising read of the mighty Dhauladhar Mountain peaks within the scene. because of its distinctive setting, it’s become a foremost cricket destination in an exceedingly} very short time.

  1. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia


With associate astonishing holding capability of ninety,000 spectators, Melbourne Cricket Ground is that the largest in Australia–the tenth largest stadium within the world; and therefore the world’s largest cricket stadium. Set simply walking distance from the town centre, the weight unit was in-built in 1853 and has the tallest lightweight towers for any sporting venue within the world.

  1. Eden Gardens (India)

We know that in the Republic of India, Cricket goes on the far side simply as a ‘sport’. With a capability of nearly seventy,000, Eden Gardens is the second largest construction within the world (in terms of capacity) and one in every of the biggest stadiums in the Republic of India. It had been started in 1864 in Metropolis and is home to the IPL team Metropolis Knight Riders.

Widely famous mutually of the foremost painting stadiums within the world, the Eden Gardens in metropolis, is India’s second-largest cricket ground, with roominess of sixty-six,000. inherent 1864, it’s additionally the oldest construction of Republic of India and has hosted fifteen tourney games to this point.

  1. Galle International Stadium (Sri Lanka)


This Sri Lankan construction is found within the southwestern town of Galle and incorporates a capability of quite thirty,000 people. Flanked by the ocean on 2 sides and therefore the famed tower of the sixteenth century Dutch Fork high on top of created it one in every of the foremost scenic venues of the globe. However sadly, it had been desolated alongside the whole south coast of the country by a terrible moving ridge on Gregorian calendar month twenty six, 2004. first referred to as The Promenade, it’s undergone in depth reconstruction over the last decade.

  1. The Oval (United Kingdom)


Built-in 1845 and set in Kensington London, because the name suggests resembles the ‘oval’ form. This venue was the primary ground to host international take a look at cricket in 1880 and is additionally thought of as the historic venue; it had been wherever the muse of the competition between European nations and Australia was set.

Another painting venue, the Adelaide Oval, is set within the Centre of North Adelaide in Australia. A singular truth concerning this ground is that within the past, it hosted music concerts.

  1. W.A.C.A Ground (Australia)


Another Australian ground with an excellent history behind it, the Western Australian Cricket Association Ground or just W.A.C.A was established in 1893. famous for having the quickest dig in the globe, W.A.C.A can even accommodate twenty,592 attendees, or twenty-three,859 with temporary seating. The construction is found in Perth, Australian state and incorporates a parcel of land that is 149m long and 139m wide.

One of the foremost overpriced cricket stadiums within the world, the Perth construction in Australia was designed at the value of $1.6 billion close to. it’s a capability of seating sixty,000 folks and is found during a splendid location.

  1. Kensington Oval (Barbados)


Formerly referred to as Pickwick Cricket Club, Kensington Oval in Barbados was established in 1871. Therefore, it’s the oldest cricket ground within the Caribbean. Another construction better-known for its quick and bouncy pitch, this famed cricket construction incorporates a roominess of twenty 8,000. Set on the outskirts of Bridgetown, this cricket arena was additionally given a $45 million makeover for the 2007 tourney.

  1. Docklands Stadium (Australia)


The Docklands construction found in Melbourne is famous by the name of Marvel construction. It had been inaugurated within the year 2000 and close to $460 million were spent within the construction of the Docklands construction.

A very distinctive issue concerning the Marvel construction is that the four sections of its lower-tier have a movable seating arrangement. It’s a capability of hosting forty-eight, 003 fans, whereas within the past, the Docklands construction has been used for T20 matches, still as rugby {football| rugger | football | football game} and football tournaments too.

The weight unit or popularly referred to as the ‘G’ is the second-largest cricket construction within the world with roominess of 100,024.

Located in Victoria in Australia, the weight unit was in-built 1853, by the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCG).

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