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Best table tennis players within the world

Source: credit should read ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images
  1. Mattias Falck


Mattias took up table games at the age of seven and showed immense promise right from the beginning. After many years of coaching at his native college, he took part in junior tournaments.

This saw him become the sole player in history to capture 3 gold medals within the Swedish Junior Championships.

In 2008, Falck brought his skills to the international scene and won 3 more junior events in France, Hungary, and the Republic of Venezuela.

He was part of the Swedish team for the 2016 Summer Olympiad and won 2 medals at the EU Championships constant year.

The 28-year-old plays along with his mitt and is understood for his uncommon backhand grip, aggressive offensive vogue, and unstoppable topspins.

  1. Hugo Calderano


If you haven’t followed the professional table game scene, you’d most likely be stunned to seek out a Brazilian on this list, however, Calderano has already shown he deserves a spot among the elite.

He competed for his national team throughout the 2016 Summer Olympiad and afterward became the sole Latin American player to ever reach the highest ten of the ITTF rankings.

Hugo may be a vivacious and explosive character, and he uses this energy to overpower opponents at the table. He has already become an exponent favorite at tournaments, and his quality and talent are a unit solely aiming to grow.

Big things are a unit expected from the Brazilian sensation, and also the sky’s the limit for him.

  1. Lin Yun-Ju

Source: Silver medal finish in Sapporo for Lin Yun-Ju (Photo: courtesy of Seamaster 2019 ITTF World Tour Platinum Lion Japan Open)

Yun-Ju was born within the rural city of Yuanshan, Taiwan, and has been taking part in table games for as long as he will keep in mind.

He trained obsessively from an early age and quickly developed the talent to contend with way more tough players.

In 2019, when turning into eligible, he joined the ITTF senior circuit and became fully afraid of the complete table game world. At just 17, he won consecutive tournaments and rose to sixth within the official rankings.

He has already been dubbed “The Silent Assassin” by the community thanks to his quiet nature however relentless offensive vogue.

This child has entered the massive stage and is barely getting started.

  1. Ma Long

Source: credit should read ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images

He is presently the longest-reigning male world no 1 table game player of all time as he has controlled the title for over thirty months currently since March a pair of 015 once he was antecedently hierarchical range 2.

Long holds a record of winning 5 ITTF professional Tour Tournaments in a row with a run of thirty-five sets in a row.

This is however he attained the nickname “ITTF professional Tour King”, and by additionally being the primary male player to win every single match in ping niff.

He is the fifth player to attain a slam – that is the Olympiad, World Cup, and World Championships.

  1. Xu Xin

Source: credit should read JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images

Xu Xin is the former world champion that he beat by beating the present champion Ma Long, 3 times in 2014, and even double in 2016. He followed within the footsteps of pen hold champions like Ma sculptor and Wang Vietnamese monetary unit with the shake hand grip, beating Long at the 2016 Korean Peninsula Open title that was his third tournament title that year.

Before that, he defeated Long within the semifinals within the Japan Open in 2016 however still didn’t qualify for the urban center Olympiad that is once Long stepped up and won the slam.

  1. Guo Yue:

Source: by Feng Li/Getty Images

Guo Yue was born in Anshan, China in 1988 wherever she developed and down pat her passion for the game. She isn’t only one of the simplest feminine players, however additionally one in every of the simplest table game players despite her gender.

She achieved 2 Olympic Gold medals and 2 bronzes in her active career creating a complete of 4 medals.

Guo additionally won the decoration within the singles at the 2008 Peking Olympiad and so went on to become the Asian Cup Champion and world table game women’s team champion within the same year.

Prior to that in 2007, she won herself the women’s singles and mixed doubles title at the globe table game championship

Guo is left-handed and uses a shake hand grip for enjoying that may be a common attribute of the champions reviewed to date.

  1. Deng Yaping:

This Chinese and Henan born table game player was born in 1973 and went on to become one in every of the best feminine table game players of all time holding a record of 4 Olympic gold medals in her active career.

She won the women’s cut left coneflower laurel wreath in 1989 ceremony the fortieth World table game Championship and so the women’s team trophy at the fourth table game 1995 World Cup. Additionally, she won the women’s single trophy double again at the forty seconds and forty-third World table game Championship in 1994 and 1995.

Waldner (from Sweden) is one of the foremost made non-Chinese table game players of all time. throughout an amount within the Nineties, he was aforesaid to be a lot of fashionable in China than Clinton|United States President|President|Chief Executive} United Nations agency was the president of the United States.

  1. Jan-Ove Waldner:

Jan Ove’s career was one in every of the longest at that point, and he’s rated one in every of the best players of all time as a result of he was able to maintain a formidable hand to eye coordination throughout that point.

One of the foremost recent unforgettable achievements was his ninth Swedish title against associate opponent United Nations agency was born within the same year he won his 1st Swedish Championship title.

His career lasted until competed against young players whom his former opponents trained to skilled levels, thereby earning himself the nickname “Evergreen Tree” among the Chinese.

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