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Top players in tennis of all time

Source: by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
  • John McEnroe

Inducted into court game Hall of Fame: 1999

John McEnroe: What will we do regarding Rebel Mac? Well, for starters we tend to embody him on our list of uncomparable greats. once it came to onerous courts, quick surfaces, and artistic shot-making, there could are nobody higher.

His fiery angle and occasional bad-boy behavior created court game fans either hate him or love him. beneath was an extremely competitive contestant United Nations agency detested to lose and generally let his emotions get the simplest of him.

Who will forget his epic battles with rival Jimmy James Scott Connors and his five-set loss to Bjorn Borg within the 1980 suburb final, one in every of the best matches in suburb history?

  • Ivan Lendl

The quiet and stoic Czech with the massive serve was the foremost dominant player of the Nineteen Eighties. Ivan Lendl wore down his opponents along with his powerful groundstrokes, spin forehand, and unbelievable level of acquisition. He was the world’s top-ranked player for four years, and control the amount one ranking within the world for 270 weeks, a record therein day. In distinction to several of his a lot of outspoken peers, Ivan Lendl was celebrated for property his game do his talking.

  • Bjorn Borg

What wasn’t to like regarding the hirsute, blonde Swede with the killer ground game? With drinking water in his veins, the quiet Borg dominated court game within the late Nineteen Seventies and had some unforgettable matches with the likes of John McEnroe and Jimmy James Scott Connors. Borg dominated suburb, winning the title 5 consecutive years from 1976 to 1980.

Despite his comparatively temporary career (he retired in 1983 at the age of 26), Borg won eleven sweep titles, all at the suburb and therefore the French Open. Borg was the primary player of the trendy era to win over ten majors. In my book Bjorn Borg may are a high 5 uncomparable had he continued to play and not retired whereas on the face of it within the prime of his career.

  • Pete Sampras

Pete’s place in court game history is tough to evaluate as he solely won 3 of the four sweep events throughout his career. More well-off on onerous courts and grass however will we decide one’s place after they dominate on one surface and struggle on another. once Pete retired in 2002, he was thought-about to be the simplest player of uncomparable though some would dispute this. He was preferred within the world rankings for 6 consecutive years and his fourteen sweep titles were a record at the time. United Nations agency will forget his epic battles with Andre Agassi that created the Nineteen Nineties an excellent decade for tennis? Pete went out on high once he won the 2002 US Open, his last sweep tournament. But, while not a French Open title, or maybe a final, however, will we decide wherever he belongs within the list of best. For currently, I believe he comes in at the amount of 5 spots.

  • Rod Laver

It’s tough to assess however tennis player would have fared against the players of nowadays, however, I think the blond indweller would have done simply fine. It’s onerous to argue with the “Rockets” record. He was graded preferred within the world for seven straight years (1964 – 1970) and has a lot of career titles (200) than anyone within the history of the sport.

He is the sole player to own double won the sweep, doing it once as an associate amateur in 1962 and once more as a professional in 1969. If Laver wasn’t excluded from the sweep tournaments throughout a five-year amount within the mid-1960s, the United Nations agency is aware of what percentage he would have won. throughout this point amount, the pre-open era, the sweep tournaments were for amateurs solely. The “open era” in court game didn’t begin till 1968, once professionals were finally allowed to contend within the sweep events. provided that Laver was graded preferred within the world throughout this five-year amount, it’s seemingly he would have won more sweep titles.

  • Novak Djokovic

Placing Novak Djokovic on this list was a straightforward call, however wherever to put him wasn’t. At thirty-two years mature and within the late prime years of his career, Djokovic is the simplest player within the world at the instant and has the potential to win more sweep titles. With seventeen sweep titles already below his belt, he has the potential to surpass Federer’s total of twenty. But, within the extremely competitive world of court game, he may additionally succumb to injury and miss out on a number of his best remaining years, therefore the jury continues to be out on his final place in court game history.

Based on his body of labor to this point, he has created the case that he’s worthy of a high 3 incomparable. along with his 2016 French Open title, Djokovic became the eight-man to secure a career sweep. His dominating performance at the 2020 Australian Open and his epic 5-set win against Roger Federer at the 2019 suburb Championship makes it clear that Djokovic is that the best player within the world at the instant. But, is his body of labor to this point, and his standing because the current no 1 enough to grant him greatest of incomparable status? Time can tell, except for currently, we tend to place Djokovic at a variety of three incomparable.

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